Pastor’s Page

From the Pastor

Greetings Friends,
I am writing to you today with some exciting news. As most of you know, Gordon UMC in collaboration with our church partners St. Matthew ELCA and Grace UMC, is about to embark on some new opportunities and we would like to share this good news and the details of the plans with you. On October 7th, 2018, Gordon UMC will host its last Sunday worship service in its current format, and will transition to a new Wednesday evening service. On Wednesday, October 10th, Gordon UMC will begin our new E-I-E-I-O service. Now, I know that you all are thinking that we have gone farm crazy, but rather the letters represent the focus of our new worship experience.

Encounter Jesus
Impact the community
Energize souls
Ignite passion
Overcome sin.

As believers and followers of Jesus, we have been blessed by God and accepted as broken people. God has chosen us while we were still sinners and through His love and grace has given us hope, new life, and a unique purpose in His Kingdom. We want this service to be all about sharing this good news and love with others. Therefore, each night we will begin the evening at 5:30PM with supper. We invite anyone and everyone to share in a free meal as we gather around the table building friendships and sharing in the abundant blessings that God has provided for us. At 6:30PM we will move into our worship service where we will be able to offer up our gifts, our praise, and our hearts to the Lord. Finally, at 7:00 we will move into our age appropriate breakout groups where new discussions will be had, games will be played, and our faith will be strengthened as we reflect on God’s word and the weekly lesson.
We want you to know that we would love for you to come and be a part of the new thing that God is doing at Gordon UMC. Maybe you haven’t attended church in a while, this service is for you. Maybe you feel out of place at a church service, we think you will feel at home here on Wednesday nights and believe that this service is for you. Or maybe you just feel the desire to further your relationship with God and are looking for a group of people to do this with, then this service is definitely for you. Whatever your situation is, we believe that now is the time to get involved, so please come and join us on Wednesday nights starting October 10th as we Encounter, Impact, Energize, Ignite, and Overcome.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Travis