Pastor’s Page

Happy New Year!
New Year’s is always an exciting time in the church, but this year, we
have so much to add to this excitement. Since Thanksgiving, all three of our
congregations have been meeting together in one worship space and it sure
seems as though this ecumenical experiment is working quite well. We have had our fair share of mistakes and our moments of frustrations, but it is hard to deny that what is taking place here each week is the will of God. We have been blessed with visitors, both the traditional and modern services are growing, we have celebrated baptisms and a wedding, and a Spirit of unity and family is flowing through the church every single day. The sounds of friends catching up with one another over coffee, the combined church choir, and the fullness that fills the sanctuary when over 100 people are singing together each week are just a few of my favorite things about this new experience. However, with all of this excitement in the air, it is important for us to engage even more deeply in the mission as we continue to work to embrace one another as one church. Therefore, we are asking for everyone to not just consider, but to commit to help our church be successful in carrying the mission of Christ to our communities in one of these four ways in 2020:
Commit to serve in a leadership or servant role.
We have many opportunities on our council and leadership teams and are always looking for new voices, opinions, and committed hearts to help lead the church.
We have servant needs in particular in hospitality and the audio/video areas of our worship, but also have openings for ushers, greeters, front porch callers, children’s sermons and children’s ministries, as we prepare for the people that God is going to send our way.
Commit to give more in 2020.
Part of growing in our faith is understanding that giving is a spiritual discipline. This means that when we give of our resources, we are growing in our faith and in turn growing to be more like Christ. If each person in our church would commit to give 5% above what they gave in 2019, our church would have new financial flexibilities to invest in local mission.
Commit to pray.
Prayer is the vein that connects our hearts with the heart of God. Through prayer we can give and receive from God. Wouldn’t it be great if every person in our churches would commit to pray each morning for God’s provision and for God’s guidance as we learn how to best serve together.
Commit to share.
Will you tell someone about this great thing that God is doing through our church? I believe that this partnership between the three churches is the future of the Christian church in America and we have a story to share with the world. But it is our job to tell others about what God is doing and it is our job to invite others to come be a part of this new thing and to be a part of the excitement of being the hands and feet of Christ.
Friends, we are truly explorers on the edge of a new discovery. May the thrill of serving God in this new day be the energy that drives us to take the risk, to love our neighbor, and to commit to serve in 2020!
Happy New Year and May God Bless our Church. —Travis