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From the Pastor

My Uncle Carl just passed into Glory last Saturday morning at the age of 91. I know I am biased but I have to say, he was a wonderful man. His passing was very sufficient to my extended family not just because we loved him and will miss him but also because he was the last living uncle (or aunt) on my father’s side of the family.
The last time my cousins and our families gathered at a family reunion, we showered Uncle Carl with love and thanksgiving. He represented to us all the guidance and love we had received from our parents and other aunts and uncles. Uncle Carl, in returned, spoke in a broken voice of how much he loved each of us and how he prayed for God to bless us and guide us. He urged us to continue to follow Jesus and to place our full trust in Him.
Uncle Carl communicated to us often through Facebook always typing in CAPITAL letters! He wasn’t shouting at us. He just wanted to emphasize his messages of love, caring and guidance for us.
When I shared with our son, Phillip, how sobering it is now for me to be a part of my family’s oldest generation he responded by texting me, “It is a good thing you still have 30 years left.” I don’t know about that but I know this, I want to be one within my generation to speak in all CAPS as I praise the mighty works of God to the next generation. As I stand on the shoulders of many mighty men and women of God, I give thanks and pray that who come behind me will find me faithful.
During this month of Thanksgiving, give thanks with a grateful heart and pass on the faith; loudly praising the God’s mighty works!

Pastor Marla